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Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Where is the registration desk located and what time is it open?

The registration desk is located in the Hynes Convention Center on Level 2 in Pre-Function Hall C. NOTE: There will also be a temporary registration desk set up on the fourth floor Atrium of the Marriott Copley on Saturday, July 15 from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Where is the exhibit hall located and when is it open?

The exhibit hall is located in the Hynes Convention Center in Hall C and D.

Where are the all gender restrooms located?

All gender restrooms are located at the Hynes Convention Center on the second floor next to Room 206, and on the third floor of Marriott Copley outside Regis.

Logging In

How do I get my Access Key so I can log in?

Creating Your Schedule

How do I create a personalized schedule?

Every time I add a personal meeting using the mobile app, it disappears from My Schedule. What is happening?

How do I access my schedule?

Can I export my schedule to my personal calendar?

Can I print my schedule?

Can I add personal meetings to my schedule?

Handouts & Notetaking

How can I access the program handouts?

How can I take notes?

Favoriting Exhibitors

Can I make a list of exhibitors that I wish to visit ahead of time?

How do I access the exhibitors I favorited?

Networking & Privacy

Why is there a lock icon next to my name in the Attendees list on the website? Why am I not appearing in the Attendees List in the mobile app?

I no longer want other attendees to view my profile or message me. How do I change my privacy settings?

Do I need to upload a profile picture?

How do I send a chat message to other attendees?

Download the Mobile App

Is there an app I can download from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store?